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"Meaning will first carve a hunger into you, then drive you to satisfy it.”

Joseph is passionate about inspiring people to actively create meaning in their lives. His messages are powerful organization-wide. He approaches mindset from a radically different place. 


For 20 years, Joseph has worked with the most severely mentally ill, underserved members of society.  He has achieved peerless expertise and collected countless profound stories of grit and grace which most will never see.  Everyone will benefit from the lessons these individuals teach simply by persevering in the face of unyielding obstacles and relentless adversity.

Maybe you identify with this.


The path I’ve followed to meaning has been winding and unexpected.  During the decades in which I built my expertise, I focused on one-to-one connection: thousands of terribly ill clients, one at a time.  Forging relationships.  Restoring dignity.  Defending rights on the streets and in Court.  Campaigning for food, clothing, and shelter.  Optimizing treatment.  Profoundly meaningful work.


In 2011 I started talking to crowds about my work with the severely mentally ill, and no lie: every time I walked off stage, I was on fire.  I started with rooms full of crossed arms and ended with cheering, hopeful, powerful people ready to demand and achieve fulfillment.  My mind, usually a sea of words, could only scream “holy shit!” 

Turned out, the meaningfulness I experienced as a clinician and advocate went through the roof when I spiked it with the joy of engaging with larger audiences.  It was a joy I’d already known well.  As a sweat-soaked drummer on the SoCal punk scene of the 80s, I churned anger into noise that made kids erupt into chaos.  Later, I created and destroyed and re-created a novel during ten thousand solitary hours because I knew I could blow minds with language and passion even without the noise.  Later still, teaching AP literature and creative writing to high school students, all I wanted was to electrify their curiosity, to make them question everything.  I could not have been happier when an exasperated headmaster lamented that my students were thinking “too much.”


In one way or another, I’ve engaged audiences professionally for three and a half decades.  I want to speak to your organization because it still doesn’t feel like work.  I freaking love it.


"I want everyone to discover in their bones the fire that is peace, the grit that is grace, the selflessness that is self-fulfillment which have, till now, seemed to exist only in an elite few, or in fiction, or in dreams."


I'll craft a talk that addresses one department or your entire organization with an inspiring message that will leave a lasting impact on your company's culture & performance. 

We will collaborate to hone desired outcomes for your group. Participants will leave with a fresh perspective and a clear path toward working, communicating, and connecting differently.  They will immediately set to creating personal meaning and building a powerful workplace community, transcending personality and working together for the greater good that is your organization's ultimate success. 

My talks celebrate these interrelated principles:


You can and must create your own meaning.

Barrier is a construct.  You can and must deconstruct it.

Guerilla productivity is peak productivity.

Every member of your team is a leader.  

Anyone will enrich you, and you will enrich anyone, when you connect in humility.

Compassion, to have integrity, must be unconditional and universal.

Those who have the least will give you the most. 



I'm happy to chat with you about your needs and how my talks may help.


Contact me with the theme, date, location, and size of your event, and we'll set up a time to discuss the possibilities in detail.

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